Bwindi was established as a national park in 1991, the park habituates different bird species, wildlife, flora, and fauna. Mountain gorillas are found in only three countries in the world, Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda. Uganda has got the largest population of mountain gorilla and a number of tourists flood to Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park to trek the endangered mountain gorillas.


Kibale National Park is a renowned primate hub. located in southern Uganda, the park is a habitat to over 1000 individual chimpanzees and 12 other primate species including baboons and the various kinds of monkeys. The Kanyanchu primate walk is the major highlight of this safari – you get to encounter the park’s many primate species. A chimpanzee trekking excursion, guided nature walk, bird watching adventure, and a community visit, are some of the activities you will enjoy while on this safari.


This 2-day safari will take you to one of the smallest National Parks in Uganda– Lake Mburo National Park located approximately 240km (by road) west of Kampala; The trip to the Park is a 4-hour drive and the park is home to over 68 mammal species which includes buffaloes, bush pigs, leopards, and zebras as well as various bird species. It is famous for having large numbers of Zebras.


This 3 day Murchison Falls safari tour Safari is a platonic ideal of choice for any adventurer as it includes game drives in the savannah grassland and a boat safari on the Nile, activities that will expose you to lots of animals such as lions, elephants, hyenas, giraffes, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes, lots of birds and wonderful scenery. The biggest highlight however will be the memorable hike to the top of the spectacular world's strongest waterfalls, where the sight & sound of the Nile crashing through a wide chasm provide memorable and intrinsic realities that only those that experience them can access.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda covering an area of 321 km2 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The forest lies at an altitude between 1160 m -2607 m above sea level and is famous for being home to over 450 mountain gorillas, 350 species of birds, 160 species of trees, over 27 frogs, 120 mammals, 10 primate species, 220 butterflies.

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